Vicinity Whiteboard Paint

The Traditional Whiteboard

Big ideas deserve space, but traditional whiteboards limit creativity. We knew there had to be a better way to encourage boundless thought.

Introducing Vicinity Whiteboard Paint

The success of the modern business relies on the ability of its people to communicate, collaborate and, above all, exchange ideas. A Vicinity Whiteboard Paint wall is revolutionary and fundamentally changes the way people work.

Key Benefits

  • Erases perfectly every time
  • Superior product at a competitive price
  • Compatible with most standard dry-erase markers.
  • 5 year-warranty
  • Highly versatile
  • Environmentally responsible


Install Process

Vicinity Whiteboard Paint can be applied directly over any smooth surface with one coat. A roller application is recommended for most installations.
We begin by sanding the wall and repairing any minor defects. This allows us to attain the perfect surface for writing. We then paint the wall white
with two coats of undercoat. We sand a second time before the final top coat, and Vicinity Whiteboard Paint is applied. The entire process takes two days.

Turnkey Installation Service

We professionally prepare your wall to ensure it works perfectly and lasts in the long term. Our professional installers ensure you are up and running
with minimum fuss. The product is ready for use within 5 days after installation.

Use Your Own Contractor

Should you prefer to use your own contractor, installation of Vicinity Whiteboard Paint is simple.
We will supply you with a detailed installation manual and also have a network of approved installers who can offer training.

Whiteboard Paint Clients

  • Microsoft
  • Absa
  • Dimension Data
  • Nedbank
  • Old Mutual
  • Standard Bank
  • Steyn City
  • Seven C
  • Tomorrow trust
  • Focus rooms
  • Native VML
We are definitely enjoying the whiteboard paint. It’s the best décor decision we have ever made, to be frank. Our business is driven by an understanding of our customers’ networks. No one leaves any meeting uninvolved or without knowing exactly what’s going on.
Darren Osbourn
MD of Seven C Computing
The team loves their whiteboard paint, they use it for brainstorming, illustrating concepts as well as a visual to-do list.
Georgie Creaven
Dimension Data HR Global Team
The whiteboard paint is an exciting practical addition to our office space. It allows us to be creative and brainstorm in a dynamic way. It is easy to use without wasting paper and having to have pieces pinned all over to make a point. I would suggest it to any organisation or company to have in their boardroom or communal areas.
Kim Feinberg
CEO of the Tomorrow Trust
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