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Susan Frankel
2015-10-03, 14:22
I have had my slant board for 3 years and the others in the office always had a desk top till recently when 2 got laptops and then tried to heighten their laptops on telephone books and bricks. I told them to stop being silly and then ordered them each one of these amazing boards. They are both very happy.
Jean Nagel
2015-08-24, 12:20
As a certified optometric vision therapist with over 15 years of experience, I have witnessed the benefits of utilizing slant boards for all reading and writing activities. When implemented, postures improve and there is a marked increase in attention spans...extremely important for all of us! I have seen many different types of slant boards throughout the years and I feel that the New Generation Slant Board offers the best features available today at an excellent price. I recommend them to all of my patients and have heard only rave reviews once they begin using them on a regular basis. Thank you, for making such a superior product so readily available to us all!

Jean Nagel
Certified Optometric Vision Therapist
San Diego, CA
Theresa Nesbitt
2015-08-24, 12:19
Your boards are great. I take them to the workshops I teach and they are always a hit. Recently I took my niece to my old vision therapist in Evenston , IL I forwarded him this email because he was very interested.
Thank you
Theresa Nesbitt
Lynne Thrope
2015-08-24, 12:19
The Slant Board is as important to successful reading as a juicy book. Its greatest benefit that I’ve observed in my clinic is the disappearance of neck and head strain in readers of all levels, especially those students challenged by reading and writing activities. Knowing that learning is so much easier with support from Slant Board, I have made sure that all my students own at least one. Even through every day use, the novelty of using this slanted work surface seems to never wear off. The Slant Board makes for the perfect homework companion as well as classroom instructional aid.

Dr. Lynne Thrope
Reading Therapist
El Cajon, CA
Jessica Zwilling
2015-08-24, 12:18
We absolutely love our New Generation Slant Boards! There is nothing on the market right now that can compete with it. There are so many great features all rolled into one small, affordable package. Between the magnetic surface, dry-erase capability, and compact nature, I don't know how we ever got along without one. We have come up with so many uses for our Slant Boards and even have created new activities using them! All of our patients have been pleased with their purchases as well.

-Jessica Zwilling, COVT
Westbury, NY
Karen Hoffman
2015-08-24, 12:17
Well, thanks for the information on the value price of an especially good product that is very functional, sturdy, and stores so easily just about anywhere. Our vision clinics will continue to use your Slant Boards and keep them available for purchase for our patients. Your company provides a useful tool for students and patients of all ages.

Karen Hoffman
Vision Therapist for Drs. Daniel, Davis, Dukes, & Love Optometry Carlsbad, CA.
Jenny Drew
2015-06-06, 10:23
The slant boards are working very, very well for our children!!
We have included them in the 2015 Assistive Device budget that we submitted to the Education Dept in June.
As soon as it gets approved we will be placing an order for more.

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