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Frequently Asked Questions - Slantbaords

FAQs - Slantbaords
What is a Developmental Optometrist?

Behavioral Optometrists spend years in post- doctoral education to master the complex visual programs prescribed to prevent or to normalize -visual problems and enhance visual performance. Behavioral optometry is an umbrella term, which also includes developmental and functional optometric practices. Not all practice behavioral optometry. To find one who does, call or write COVD or OEP Foundation for a referral list in your area.

Do only people with vision problems benefit from using a slant board?

No! All people will benefit from using a slanted work surface to read and write. For those with vision processing difficulties it is essential. However, everyone with using the Slant Board will experience the benefits of less fatigue, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, more even breathing and less overall stress. A better learning environment for all!

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