Our products are vital to your performance and health.

Our products are vital to your performance and health, and scientifically researched and proven as such. Browse through our items or read more about why you should make this small investment in yourself, your children and your company.

what is a slantboard?

A 22 Degree Angle Board designed to Facilitate reading and writing development The Slant Board is designed to provide the ideal working surface

The Slant Board puts your reading surface at the optimal 22 degree angle while its two collapsible legs make it portable and discrete. The folding legs will lock in the extended position making it very stable then fold flat for compact storage. The Visual Edge Slant Board measures 44cm x 30cm and weighs only 950 grams. A convenient book catch at the bottom holds any size book or electrical device, while a clip at the top holds individual papers securely.

Vicinity whiteboard paint

The success of the modern business relies on the ability of its people to communicate, collaborate and, above all, exchange ideas. A Vicinity Whiteboard Paint wall is revolutionary and fundamentally changes the way people work.

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